The rainy season that never ends causes water to flow more and more to the surface, both on the soil, plants, roads and existing buildings. The raindrops will touch the roof or ceiling of the building. The problem with building houses when the rainy season arrives is that sometimes falling water cannot be channeled properly, so it will fall on the ceiling. And if the ceiling is not strong enough to withstand water pressure, there will be a leak. This situation will be detrimental if corrective action is not taken immediately. The following are some practical ways to deal with leaks at roof joints.

Check for Damage to the Roof of the House

The first practical way you can do is to check for damage to the roof of the house or tile. Check the tile if there are cracks that can cause water to enter easily and the sturdiness of your house tile. If there are things that have been mentioned above, you can repair them or replace them with more qualified tiles. Try this surefire method or call an expert in the field.

Use Waterproofing Paint

The next step is to use waterproofing paint. You can use this paint on your house tiles. After repairing the tile to prevent leaks and coating it with waterproofing paint. Besides being able to patch leaks, this paint can also give the aesthetic impression of a building or residence. This waterproofing paint that can patch leaks to the maximum, has a strong water-repellent content so that the water that hits it can’t seep out strongly, this practical method is relatively easy because only by pressing the tile but can overcome the leak.

Fix the Sagging Roof

This method is almost the same but requires great care and full attention, namely repairing sagging tiles. This can happen if the rain is too heavy to the water is strong, if this happens you need to increase your vigilance because the sag tile can fall and endanger the surroundings. But you don’t need to worry, before this happens, do periodic checks on the house tiles. If your tile is not in place, repair it immediately, you can do it every 3 to 6 months and adjust to the surrounding rainfall.

Use Reinforcing Screens on Roof Joints

Add reinforcing screens at the roof joints. When the tile has cracks that are not too severe, use reinforcing gauze, with this gauze it can repair the cracks in your tile. This gauze can strengthen the layer of waterproofing. Another advantage of this gauze is that it blends with waterproofing, is resistant to alkalis and has strong fibers. So if there is a small crack you don’t need to immediately replace it with a new one, just use reinforcing mesh on the roof connection.

Do Gutter Cleaning

In a house the condition of the roof is very rarely noticed. Sometimes you have to experience damage first and then carry out inspections and repairs. That way the gutters in your house are not maintained until there is dirt, leaves and other objects. When gutters are left untreated, dirt will easily enter and stick to gutters that cannot hold water properly. Therefore, check the gutters by cleaning them occasionally.