If you plan to change the atmosphere of the kitchen, the typical Scandinavian style can be an option. You don’t even need to change the overall appearance of the kitchen. There are various approaches and basic principles to turn your simple minimalist kitchen into a more attractive one. Scandinavian design is an innovative design approach that emphasizes beauty over simplicity. Scandinavians tend to be very simple and minimalist, using furniture and decorations that seem clean and modern, and maximizing the use of natural light. The clean and simple concept is very suitable to be applied to the kitchen. The following are tips for designing a Scandinavian-style minimalist kitchen.

1. Main color white

The main color of the Scandinavian style is white and its other derivatives such as snow white to cream. This color selection can be used for all components in your kitchen, from walls to furniture. This color gives a broad impression so it feels comfortable as well as calming. One of the difficulties that are often experienced in the design of an all-white Scandinavian kitchen is the impression of being monotonous. To fix this, try using a table that has a wooden surface or other natural neutral color. Don’t forget to give a brightly colored component to make the room feel more alive.

2. Lighting through open spaces

After looking at many examples of Scandinavian designs, you may notice one thing in common in their designs, namely lots of lighting through open spaces. The use of curtains is not a common thing. They deliberately let in natural light as the main source of lighting.

3. Strip Light for a warm impression

In addition to natural light from the sun, there are several other sources that can be used as lighting at night. You can install a strip light under the cabinet or a small glass chandelier. This lamp reflects and scatters light beautifully. Not only functional as lighting, the presence of lights can also add aesthetic value to your kitchen.

4. Plain furniture

One of the unique things about the Scandinavian style is the plain furniture which is mostly made of wood. You can use a white table, but even a dark one will give a firm impression. Cabinet knobs are selected made of metal to stand out and reflect light. In Scandinavian style is how to make the furniture does not make the space feel cramped, but still reliable in performance. All components should feel simple without being overly impressed.

5. Bright tones

The majority of the main components use neutral colors, namely white and its derivatives, so the Scandinavian style tends to include contrasting colors in its decorations through the selection of bright textiles. Choose a brightly colored towel and hang it in one corner of the kitchen. Napkins or light-colored mats will also really help enliven the interior. Another key that can make a room feel more alive is to put decorations in the form of living flowers. The white area on the windowsill can look fresher with a pot filled with water with live flowers in it. Woven baskets for storing fruit or some wall decorations in the form of photos and paintings will also boost the aesthetics while making your kitchen feel fresher.