The makeup factor in the interior of the house is now starting to vary. The appearance of the house can look different and attractive with the right design selection. Such is the case in determining the design of the booth panels. Room panels appear as an out of the box idea from the monotonous wall design. Now the wall can look more attractive and make the atmosphere of the house more secure with the booth panels.

Apart from acting as a room sweetener, room panels can also cover rooms that are cracked, uneven, or have visible installations. This is why it is often referred to as the closing part of the room. So, are you still unsure about using it at home? Before using it, follow first let’s various designs of room panels for a more beautiful interior of the house!

There are many choices of booth panel models that you can choose according to your taste, home model, or character. Starting from classic European-style house designs, 3D designs, and many more. For more details, just follow the discussion below.

Classic Panel Wall

The classic type of panel room is indeed often used in classic European houses with elegant designs. This room is usually made with light brown or white to support the room to be beautiful, one of which is the bedroom. However, currently the implementation design continues to be widespread.

You can store it in the living room with bright or unusual colors, such as dark gray, Tosca green, and even bright yellow. The appearance of the room always looks classic but always contemporary.

Combine it with matching or contrasting color furniture such as coral and gray colors in paneled rooms, or yellow in rooms with wooden furniture. Add a rug with an attractive design as a sweetener. Your space will definitely be very different.

3D Wall Panel

Well, for those of you who like an attractive and artistic interior design of a luxury home, a 3D model panel can be an option. With customizable textures, you can choose according to the theme of the house and the look you want in the room.

Create a simple impression, choose motifs that don’t really highlight the patterns in the room. However, for an unusual impression, you can play in a horizontal or diagonal pattern with interesting accents in it.

Decorative Panel Wall

Apart from its interesting functions as both room decoration and cracked room coverings, wall panels can also be used as sound absorbers. By using a decorative model, you can muffle the sound. Such as the use of bivalent and trivalent materials on your wall panels. You can always watch your favorite movies with your family out loud, without disturbing the neighbors.

Not only that, now decorative room panels can also be created according to your wishes. For example, the use of wood materials that are made oblique, perpendicular to wavy. This will add to the aesthetics of an attractive appearance in the room.

Concrete Wall Panels

This type of panel has a beautiful appearance with optimal resistance to fire. Suitable for being placed in a modern, minimalist style dwelling, the wall panels have a pattern that can be adjusted. Each booth panel made has passed the casting stage from the original concrete. This is to ensure authenticity in appearance or materials.

Not only in the appearance of the living room booth, you can use it on the side of the stairs with a wooden ladder model. These two materials become very harmonious when juxtaposed. This panel model also cannot absorb your liquid, so it is comfortable against seepage.

Granite Material Design

It turns out that making a house look beautiful is quite easy, you know! You can use granite material as a room panel. Granite, which does have a fairly large price, is in harmony with the classy appearance that can make a home beautiful. Both granite floors and granite panels will give off a certain elegant atmosphere.

If you use a panel made of granite, you can combine it with a modern decoration with a bit of color, such as one of the abstract statues. If in the television room, panel booths that also act as television racks will make the living room look more elegant. Try using soft colors like white, light brown, or light gray on the wall panels of your house.

Brick Panel Wall

The industrial style in the appearance of the room is indeed very attractive. Some of them are the use of semi-finished building materials. Such as the use of panels with brick models, walls without painting, to the use of leftover objects. This can also be said to be a certain characteristic of your home.

You can also use a room panel with a brick appearance as a room divider. This will also save space. If you want a minimalist look, you can use modern furniture to harmonize it, supported by natural light.

Versatile Wall Panels

Make panels with multipurpose types like the one above, have multiple uses. Both as a decoration to add aesthetic value, these panels can also serve as a place to store room decorations or household items. These panels are generally made of wood with a variation of the perforated board design as a support for pictures or shelves.

In practice, you can modify it according to your wishes. For example the use of panels in all parts of the room or made decorative by installing 3 boards or broken into 2 parts. This can be adjusted and also makes the appearance of the house more attractive.

Like that, an interesting room panel design suggestion is applied to the inside of the house. You can choose according to your needs, functions and also the budget you have. By installing decorative wall panels in the house, it is certain that the appearance of the house will continue to be attractive. Good luck!