The bathroom is one of the mandatory rooms in the house. Currently, the bathroom is not only a room for self-sterilization, but also a place for relaxation and calming the mind. Therefore, bathrooms often have interior designs and room designs with concepts that are customized to the wishes of the occupants.

Bathroom styles can also vary, but until now the modern minimalist style is the most popular and popular as a bathroom design. So, for a more complete look at other bathroom designs, you can listen to various types of bathrooms that are extraordinarily beautiful and safe as a reference.

Wooden Bathroom Design

Wood is often the design material that is often used for furniture to various building specifications. Of course this is because wood has a natural material that is sturdy and has an attractive design. Wood material can also be used as a material for a nice minimalist bathroom design.

You can apply a wooden bathroom design to the cubicle, bathtub and floor. You can fulfill the interior decoration to make the wooden bathroom design look tropical by adding decorative lights to several bamboo baskets.

Small Bathroom Design

Occupations with limited land often have small bathrooms. But fear not, you can always display a minimalist and modern bathroom design with limited dimensions. You can use this type of shower in the bathroom to save space. After that, you can position the shower wall at the end of the bathroom to have space to put some makeup.

To create a broad silhouette in a small bathroom, you can use horizontally framed mirrors and bright lighting. Avoid using patterned ceramic tiles so that a modern minimalist impression in the bathroom can look perfect.

Modern Bathroom Design

Modern style is often used to carry a classy and up-to-date residential concept. You can apply a modern bathroom design to optimize relaxation while cleansing the body. You can use matching ceramic tiles and tile floors to beautify the bathroom space.

Like the bathroom photo above, you can use a cubicle pattern with colorful tiles. Not only that, you can upgrade the wooden floor that doubles as a cubicle in the bathtub zone. To sweeten the look, you can add some interior decorations such as carpets, decorative plants and decorative lights. With a modern bathroom design, you can be sure of getting optimal relaxation when bathing.

Natural Bathroom Design

If you like the type of bathroom with a natural design, you can add a variety of ornamental plants with a tropical concept. The natural bathroom design will give the impression of being pleasant and fresher than other bathroom styles. You can place it at the end or corner of the bathroom with a beautiful pot. You can also find natural stone as a more modern bathroom interior design.

Luxury Bathroom Design

Do you like elegant style but always want minimalism? Ceramics and marble can be the main keys for you to apply. You can use a type of marble tile with a modern motif. You can also use neutral motifs such as white, dark, brown or beige. Or add floor and room decorative lights inside for a more optimal design.

Hexagonal Bathroom Design

The hexagonal bathroom design or what is known as the hexagon is a bathroom design that you can choose as the next reference. Because the bathroom is a wet area, the hexagon bathroom floor with relief or laminate variations may be the material you should choose. You can also mix plain hexagonal floors with patterned ones for a more artistic bathroom design.

Elegant Bathroom Design

If you like a beautiful look in the bathroom, you can apply this design as a reference. You can use a type of marble floor with a color that matches the bathtub and sink.

You can also add marble to a beautiful bathroom design to make it look more special. The interior design that you can add is a spotlight to highlight the corner of the bathroom for a more exotic look.

Motif Ceramic Bathroom Design

If you like a Scandinavian style bathroom, the key is choosing a patterned ceramic tile. You can use bathroom cubicles with ethnic and geometric motifs to be attached to the cubicle. Not only that, choosing a wooden floor will be the right mix to provide the perfect bathroom design.

Japanese Style Bathroom Design

Who doesn’t love a slick design while reassuringly Japanese? The interior of a Japanese house can also be applied to your bathroom. Not only changing the appearance of the bathroom to make it more attractive, Japanese bathroom designs can also create a calming atmosphere. Moreover, hotels, spas to resorts often practice Japanese-style designs in their bathrooms because of their serene feel.

Bathroom Design with Playing Color

The last bathroom design is to apply the color of the room paint that suits your wishes. If you want to have a cheerful and bright look in your bathroom, you can apply Tosca paint, yellow, pink, light green, sky blue and pastel colors. If you like classy, modern classic house styles, you can use dark, gray, lilac and navy colored paint.

Conversely, if you like a minimalist bathroom design, you can apply neutral colors such as white, dark, beige, gray and brown. Well, interesting, right? Those are some bathroom designs that you can choose from and become a reference.