The fence of the house is one of the accessories for the appearance of a house. Although the fence is not the main component, its existence can make the house look beautiful. Moreover, the fence can also function as a security. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the guidelines for choosing a house fence before deciding to install it.

There are many things that you should pay attention to when choosing the right fence. If you choose a fence that is not suitable, it will certainly affect its function and aesthetics. This post will discuss the guide to choosing a house fence so you can get the fence as needed.

Consider the State of the Home Area

The first step that you must take is to pay attention to the condition of the area of the house. If you live in a residential complex with tight security, you can install a fence as a differentiator or decoration for your home. However, you must find out the regulations or provisions for installing fences in the complex.

On the other hand, if you live in a public area that is vulnerable to security, you can look for a strong fence so that the security of your home is better maintained. There is nothing wrong with looking for a rather large fence so that strangers can’t reach the house.

Pay attention to the dimensions of the house

Apart from the condition of the area of the house, you also have to pay attention to the dimensions of the house when looking for a fence. For a house that is small and not too big, you can choose a minimalist fence that is no more than 1.2 m high. Likewise, if your house is large enough, you can use a fence with large and large dimensions. This is intended so that the appearance of the fence with the dimensions of the house is always in balance.

Adjust the fence with the design of the house

The next fence selection guide is to adjust the fence model to the house design. Minimalist design houses are generally combined with fences made of hollow iron or mild steel. Both of these materials can give a simple modern impression on the fence. For a house with a luxury concept, like a European-style house, for example, you can choose a large wrought iron fence model with classic and attractive carvings. This type of fence model will make your home more beautiful.

Fence Material Selection According to Needs

There are many types of fence materials that you can choose from, ranging from hollow iron, wrought iron, steel, wood, concrete, decorative stone, and others. When choosing a house fence, you must pay attention to the suitability of the fence material for the purpose of making the fence.

Sturdy fences such as iron and concrete are perfect for those of you who want to increase home security. These materials tend to be durable and not easily damaged like wooden fences. If you want to prioritize the aesthetics of your home, you can also combine the use of fence materials, such as a mixture of iron and wood, iron and stone, and many more.

Pay attention to the quality of the fence material

In choosing the fence, also consider the quality of the fence material. Quality materials will make the fence more durable and long lasting. If you choose cheap materials with poor quality, usually the fence will be brittle and damaged more quickly. Quality fencing material certainly has a price that is slightly higher than ordinary materials. However, it’s better to make a high price early, than your fence is broken quickly, right?

Appropriate Color Selection

Color selection is also a guide to choosing a fence that you should not pass. For homes with a minimalist concept, neutral colors are usually more suitable as fence colors, such as white, dark, or gray. This color will give a modern impression to your home. Don’t forget to get used to the color of the fence with the color of the house paint. This is so that the appearance of your home is always in harmony.

Pay Attention to Fence Security

Also pay attention to the security aspect when choosing a fence. You should install a fence not only for aesthetic reasons, but can be used as a protector of the house. Choose a fence with a tight gap so that it is free from animal obstacles outside the house. Don’t forget to install a lock or lock the fence to increase security.

Like that 7 guidelines for choosing a house fence that you can live with. Hopefully this post is useful, especially for those of you who are planning to install a fence.