Remodeling a bathroom is relatively difficult and requires a larger budget. Because, in addition to paying attention to the design that will be applied, you also have to consider several other things. So that the remodel can produce a bathroom that is both functional and charming, consider the design and function of the bathroom at the same time. Starting from determining the type of bathroom you want whether a wet bathroom or a dry bathroom. Next, determine the material to be used. Here are some tips to make your bathroom look fresh and modern.

1. Choose Rough Textured Ceramics for Bathroom Walls

Decorating the walls using bright, rough-textured tiles can make the bathroom seem wider. However, that does not mean you have to do it in every corner of the bathroom wall. You just give a touch of rough texture on one side only. For example, near the mirror. This kind of decorating trick can give the bathroom a warm atmosphere, so you feel like you’re at a spa.

2. Choose a Stylish Faucet for Your Bathroom

In remodeling the appearance of the bathroom, there is one simple thing you can do yourself, but it has a significant impact on beautifying the bathroom. You can replace the old faucet with a faucet with a more stylish design. After being used for a long time, the faucet in the bathroom may rust and be full of scratches. With this condition, the faucet will not look brilliant even if you have wiped it many times. Therefore, replace your bathroom faucet. Not only faucets, you can also replace the sink and shower. Choose stainless steel, but coated with a more colorful color. For information, lately, stainless faucets coated with black paint have become one of the most popular.

3. Base the Renovation on a Systematic Fund Planning

No matter how beautiful the result, the renovation is considered not completely successful if the funds you spend are more than it should be. Therefore, before doing renovations, first determine which part you want to renovate in your bathroom. If you have, the next step is to create a budget table consisting of the cost of builders, equipment, interiors, and so on. This scheme will make it easier for you to understand the mapping of budget usage, so that later you can carry out renovations more economically. With systematic budget planning, later, you will save expenses during the renovation process, because the available budget is well controlled.

4. Beautify a Dry Bathroom by Choosing Colorful Materials

If you want to create a dry bathroom type, be creative with a more colorful interior, so that your bathroom is warmer and more beautiful. Given that a dry bathroom is more water-free than a wet bathroom, you can place a variety of more colorful interiors. A sensuous white interior is combined with a wooden sink counter and an exotic patterned floor. Will produce a thick dry bathroom with a warm feel.

5. Choose a Minimalist Style for Your Small Bathroom

Choose a minimalist style if your bathroom is relatively small. A minimalist style that is synonymous with minimizing the contents of the bathroom can create a simple and elegant impression. To make your small bathroom even more beautiful, you can try adding some black and white bathroom accessories.