Vines are one of the right elements to beautify the terrace of the house. The atmosphere of your terrace will look more beautiful and comfortable when equipped with the right types of plants. In fact, the car port area will look more attractive and far from arid if your terrace is decorated with plants. Here are some vines to beautify your terrace.

1. Scindapsus

This type of vines is better known as betel ivory. Its distinctive feature is the shape of the leaves that resemble betel leaves with a combination of yellow and green colors. The stems are quite thick and do not break easily. How to treat scindapsus is also relatively easy so it doesn’t take up time and money.

2. Lipstick Plant

The lipstick flower looks special because of its elongated flower shape with a bright red color, just like lipstick. The striking color is indeed very unique and attracts attention. The lipstick plant’s way of life is similar to that of an orchid, that is, it attaches to a large tree and its stem can grow vines.

3. Mandevilla

The vibrant color of mandevilla often attracts people to plant it. Mandevilla flower colors are very varied, ranging from white, yellow, red, to pink. Sometimes the vines of the mandevilla don’t cling directly to the fence. So you have to spend extra time to tie it to the fence so that the direction of growth is more regular.

4. Dollar Plant

Dollar houseplants are favored for their unique leaf shapes and sturdy roots. You should prepare a wall with a rough finish if you want to plant this vine. In addition to the unique leaf shape, the dollar plant also has attractive white flowers. The characteristics of the lush leaves are suitable for cooling the terrace of the house.

5. Morning Glory

The terrace of the house that is not too wide is suitable to be combined with morning glory plants. Because this plant has a slender stem shape. Morning glory flowers are trumpet-shaped with interesting color variations, namely white, pink, purplish blue, and magenta. The growth of morning glories is quite rapid when it has adapted well to its environment. Therefore, you should spend more time organizing your morning glory spread on a regular basis.

6. Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is definitely no stranger to flora lovers. This vine is very popular because it is easy to care for and fast flowering. The flower colors are also diverse, ranging from white, red, orange, to pink. The colorful parts of Bougainvillea are actually leaves that have undergone a modification process so that the color is more special.

7. Betel

Many people plant betel because its benefits are good for health. You can make a drink from betel boiled water to increase body stamina. In addition, the lush betel tree is also effective in perfecting the feel of the terrace of the house. The dark green color will spoil the eyes of anyone who sees it.