Currently, maybe most people will prefer a unique small house interior for their residence. Sometimes some people prefer to have a house that is small or not too spacious. A house with a small size can also still provide a good function and is also needed like a house with a large size. Sometimes even a house with a small size can be easier to decorate because it does not require a lot of furniture or other additional decorations. The following is an inspiration for the interior of a small house but still comfortable for you.

1. Make Use of Vertical Space

If you have a narrow room but high enough, then you can take advantage of this. The trick to getting around the design of a house with a small size is to make wall cabinets. The use of this vertical cabinet will help to create the impression of a wider and taller room. so you can still put the closet without having to be confused about making the room look narrower or claustrophobic.

2. Installing a Mirror in the Room

The next unique small house interior idea is to install a mirror in your room. This aims to give the impression of the room so that it can be wider and not crowded. The mirror can function as its function and also for decorating your room. But it is also important to pay attention to choosing a mirror that fits the concept of your room. If your room has a more minimalist concept, then use glass that is also simple and minimalist in shape. On the other hand, if your room has a luxurious or classic concept, then a mirror with a wood carving frame will be very suitable for use.

3. Colors that Match the Bedroom

Choosing a matching color for the bedroom can also be a great way to get around a room that is too narrow. For example, using cream colors for blankets, sheets, and curtains in the room. This can create the impression of a more minimalist and classic room. But don’t forget to choose a neutral color. Such as cream, gray, pastel colors and others.

4. The Dining Room and Kitchen are one

Currently, almost all homes will use a design between the dining room and kitchen that becomes one. This is because its use is felt to be more concise and does not take up much space. Even today houses with concepts like this are more widely used.

5. Minimalist Bathroom

The bathroom you use doesn’t need to be added with a bathtub so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Just make the bathroom open or without a bath, closet and also a sink can be a good alternative. That way you also don’t need to be confused about making 2 different types of bathrooms.

6. Minimalist Dining Room

If you don’t like the concept of a kitchen and dining room being one, you can still use a separate room for a place to eat. It’s just that because the house is small, the design of the dining room must also be simple or minimalist. Make sure if you use the size of the dining table that fits family members. For example small or medium size. You can also use a type of dining table that can be folded so that it will be more minimalist. Also use a dining table model that is simple and does not fill the room so that the impression of a broad and airy can still be seen.

7. Matching Room Decor

Most rooms with a minimalist concept will choose to use white paint. This is because white paint can give the impression of a wider room so it will be suitable for homes with small sizes as well. But even though the color of the room is white, that doesn’t mean you can decorate it with various items. Doing the same room decoration sometimes will help to keep the room spacious. You can use decorative items of the same color or one type of color.

8. Residential with an Open Concept

The inspiration for the interior of a unique small house is to make a lot of ventilation or create an open concept for the dwelling. Even though your room has a small size, this can be overcome by using large enough ventilation. Large windows can be one solution. Try using a vertical window for the kitchen so that it can give a broad impression. In addition, the lighting is easier to enter into your home.

9. Use Neutral Colors

The thing to avoid when you have a small house is to use contrasting and different colors. These contrasting colors can sometimes make your home or room look more crowded and feel cramped. For this reason, it is better if you use colors that can give the impression of being broad and simple, such as neutral colors. Neutral colors such as white, cream, gray and others will be suitable for homes with small room conditions. Besides that, it is also easier for you to give other decoration colors such as furniture, curtains, frames or others. This is because neutral colors are easier to apply or combine with other colors.