Choosing a home design is now getting easier. In addition to the minimalist style that is increasingly popular, it turns out that classic homes are still popular. Many say that the classics are ancient. A classic house can actually make us reminisce about the past and warm the soul. Creating a classic house concept is not easy. However, here are some tips that you can use to create your home in a classic style.

1. Use a light brown wall color

To give your home a strong classic look, choose wall paint in vintage colors, such as mocca, dark brown, beige, or light brown. Then, add gold accents to the wall carvings to give it a luxurious look. You can add wood material on the outside of the house to make it look more classic. One of the advantages of this brown color is that it can create a warm and peaceful atmosphere in a dwelling.

2. Choose roman floor tiles and wood motifs

Currently, floor tiles already have a variety of motifs, ranging from the most plain appearance to patterned ones. You can choose roman-style floor tiles, which can add a classic impression to your home. However, if you like the concept of back to nature, you can choose to use parquet or wood floors. The use of parquet floors is believed to be able to add coolness to your favorite residence.

3. Use classic style furniture

Choosing furniture must be adapted to the concept of home design. In a classic-style house, you can choose vintage-style furniture, such as a sofa with gold carvings and a table made of teak wood. Choose furniture colors, such as brown wood, cream, or white, to make it look more retro. You can also choose a luxurious and elegant gold chandelier with a chandelier shape.

4. Choose curtains with classic patterns

In addition to furniture, you also need to choose decorations in a classic style. Choose home curtains with neutral colors, such as gray, white, or brown, to make it look more elegant. If you want to have a more luxurious look, you can choose curtains that have a silver stripe pattern.

5. Complete with antique decorations

A classic residence is not complete if it does not have antique decorations in it. You can put some classic decorative elements, such as an old telephone, a painting, a statue, or an antique clock. In addition to creating a retro impression, this antique decoration can also add aesthetic value to the house.