A healthy lifestyle for people in big cities is now a must. Extraordinarily hectic activities coupled with worsening air conditions are one of the reasons we must live healthy. This can be started from adjusting the diet, arranging rest hours, regular exercise and other healthy lifestyles. In addition to living healthy from within yourself, a healthy home design can also have an effect on the health of your body and soul.

Design a healthy home by paying attention to elements that can also improve the healthy lifestyle that you already live. This is important because the house is a place to spend quite a lot of time in it. Therefore it is very important to create a healthy home and environment, so that you avoid disease. So how do you create a healthy home? Come on, follow our tips!

Make sure the house has good lighting

A healthy home has good lighting. There are 2 types of lighting that a healthy home must have, namely artificial lighting from lamps and natural lighting from exposure to sunlight.

Make sure each room has windows or skylights to maximize natural lighting. As for the use of time, make sure the spaces where you will spend a lot of time have optimal lighting.

Provide good air circulation & ventilation

A healthy home must of course have good air circulation and ventilation, because if not, the air in the room will become stuffy and breathing will be disrupted.

Make sure your home has adequate ventilation openings, so that the air in the house can change. Where possible optimize natural ventilation and reduce the use of air conditioning. This can have a positive impact on the health and comfort of residents.

One way to optimize natural air circulation is that the direction of the window should be facing south and north, so that it is not exposed to direct sunlight, but the air can still flow properly.

Provide adequate waste & waste treatment

Garbage cannot be separated from daily life, and this must be a special concern because improper handling has a negative impact on health. Here are things you should do to keep your home healthy and avoid the bad effects of piles of garbage.

– Provide trash cans in every room, such as in the bedroom, living room, kitchen and other rooms.

– Make sure the trash can has a cover to prevent germs, disease and odors from spreading throughout the room.

– Do not let garbage accumulate, throw garbage in the main dump outside the house every day.

– Don’t forget to wash the trash at least every 3 days.

Clean the furniture regularly

In addition to routinely cleaning the house, to create a healthy home, you also have to be diligent in cleaning the furniture and furniture regularly. It is also to anticipate the emergence of disease. For example, dusty furniture, it could make you sneeze and allergies. Therefore, keep all your home clean!

Provide an area for gardens/ greenery

One of the characteristics of having a healthy home is a green area inside or outside the house. Having plants in the house can help us breathe, because plants give off oxygen. It’s just worth noting that there are only a few plants that are good for indoors, including orchids and cactus types. Because these plants still absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen even at night.

If there is more area outside the house to make a garden. Now you don’t need a large area for a garden in front of the house. You can easily browse ideas for gardens on limited land. In addition to beautifying the house, the garden also provides a balance to the overall building of the house. Or do you want to have a garden that can produce? You can grow fruit or herbal plants. It must be fun, drinking ginger tea where the ginger is still fresh from the front of the house!

If you don’t have an area on the ground for a garden, don’t worry, you can also put hanging plant pots in front of the house. The green color of the trees will make your home look cooler and fresher.

Use an air purifier to clean the air

Air cleanliness is of course also important for your health. Especially if you live in the Jakarta area where the air is famous for pollution. Bad air is not only caused by pollution, but also from dust in the room. The use of an air purifier is also good if there are residents of the house who have asthma.